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  Cowboys, Buckaroos, Vacqueros - Who Were They, Really?
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Buckaroos hard at work at the Ninety-Six Ranch in northern Nevada
Credit: Fleischhauer, Carl, photographer. "Branding, Ninety-Six Ranch [35mm slide]." Date Recorded 79/10.
Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada, 1945-1982, Library of Congress.

This program, recorded on August 10, 2005, provides an overview of the history in the U.S. Western
states of cowboys, buckaroos, and vacqueros. It was presented by Peter Armenti and Judy Graves
at the Library of Congress.Library of Congress


A comprehensive collection of Vaquero, cowboy
and buckaroo history comparing the differences
and similarities of each group of horsemen.
Enjoy the truth behind the mythic cowboy. This comparative look at vaqueros, cowboys, and buckaroos brings the mythical image of the American cowboy into focus and detail and honors the regional and national variations.
It will be an essential resource for anyone
who would know or portray the cowboy--readers, writers, songwriters, and actors among them.





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