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From 2011 Summer Issue The Cowboy Way

In some circles, Mackey Hedges is known as the author of two outstanding and authoritative novels on buckaroo life – The Last Buckaroo and Shadow of the Wind.

in other circles – miles-long, horseback circles in the high desert of Nevada – Mackey Hedges is better known as a capable and accomplished buckaroo that aspiring younger buckaroos would do good to emulate.

Mackey Hedges is a man of the West. He’s lived and/or worked in New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Kansas, Nevada, utah, California, Wyoming and Montana. He’ll also confess that he once lived in illinois, saying, “I was there just long enough to be born. My mother was staying there with relatives while my dad was serving in the Air Force in Europe.” READ MORE>>>>>>

Feb. 9, 2009

Local Buckaroo Completes Novel

Mackey Hedges, a buckaroo on the "K" Ranch in Buena Vista Valley announced last week that his new novel entitled Shadow of The Wind is now available.

This is Hedges second book. His first novel, Last Buckaroo, won several writing awards and is considered a classic in Western literary circles. Last year Western historian Bill Reynolds wrote an article for Western Horseman Magazine in which he named what he considered to be the top twenty five best western books ever written. Last Buckaroo was number three on the list.

Shadow of The Wind, like Last Buckaroo is the story of two modern day, wild, wooly Nevada buckaroos and their adventures as they drift around the west working on various ranches, feedlots and pack stations. Even though both stories have to be classified as fiction, the ranches where the two main characters work are based on actual cattle operations, just as the fictional characters are built around the personalities of men that Hedges worked with on these ranches.

Feb. 8, 2011
DANIELLE SWITALSKI Free Press Staff Writer

ELKO - Winnemucca resident Mackey Hedges published his second work of fiction in January called "Shadow of the Wind," a story that is largely centered on a fictional ranch in the northern part of Elko County.
In his latest novel, Hedges used many of the same characters from his first novel, "The Last Buckaroo," however, he completely changed the point of view.

"The Last Buckaroo" is told through the persona of narrator Tap McCoy, a renegade and seasoned cowboy. McCoy is an older man who meets Dean McCuen, a young "drugstore cowboy" from the East. The story is about their adventures in the West, the sharing in cowboy experiences and the camaraderie that results.

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FINALLY!!! ...the long awaited release of Mac Hedges
New Book, Shadow of the Wind, is now available.

"Shadow" is a hefty read. (Shipping weight 2.4 LBS.) The book has 643 pages in a 7" x 10 " format. Shadow Of the Wind uses a GoudyOlSt BT easy to read font typeface and 1.5 spacing making it easy for all those tired "Cowboy" eyes.

Here is a sample...

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