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Mackey Hedges - Nevada Native - Buckaroo and Author helps define Cowboy life in the 21st Century

The True Grit phenomenon that is sweeping the movie world and nation has generated a renewed interest in western culture, and the unique cultural icon that is the American cowboy.

Millions across America are drawn to the film, and to the adventure, romance, action and spirit of adventure that is embodied in the cowboy life. Willie Nelson and Neil Young said it best with Young's lyrics asking ..."Where the cattle graze and an old grey barn still stands" Are there any more real cowboys in this land?

And that’s where Mackey Hedges comes in. He is a living tribute to that legacy: a born and bred American buckaroo who has been riding the ranges for his entire life. Now 67 years old and still in the saddle in his native Nevada, Mackey has never known any other job or life. The only dollar he made outside of working with horse and cattle came from Uncle Sam during a four year tour as a United States Marine. He’s among the last of a vanishing breed, regularly called upon to handle the tough jobs a new generation can’t or won’t do.

But Mac is not your average everyday cowboy. He is that rarest of breeds- adept at riding, roping and writing. When a 1995 riding injury took him out of the saddle for months, Mackey used the time to reflect on his life, his work, the vibrant and intriguing people he had met and most memorable; the unforgettable tales spun by his cowboy father and grandfather. The result was his popular novel Last Buckaroo, a rollicking tale of a cowboy and the man he would mentor, complete with wide open spaces, barroom brawls, romance, adventure and much more.

It’s the real story told by the real deal. Beloved by the most important critics of all…the cowboys who actually live the life he writes. Now Mack and his cowboy heroes are back for more in the sequel, Shadow of the Wind. It’s another expansive tale, at times grand and gritty, and paints as pure a portrait of the Cowboy Way as any you would hope to find on any page, stage or screen.

So while True Grit has obviously struck a chord with America, why not take this opportunity to show them what a real Cowboy is all about? I’d love to send you a copy of Shadow of the Wind and set you up with an interview with Mackey. He’s a character you and your audience will remember for a long time.

Amazon Reviewer comments of Mac's books say:

- "Mackey Hedges has done it again with a Western Tale of the Vanishing Traditional American Cowboy. Suitable for readers of all ages. If they don't make a movie out of this, it'd be a crying shame. Mackey Hedges is a living legend and tells it in this book as though you were sitting talking to him. A highly recommended read."

- I am still in the process of reading this book, but have a hard time putting it down. This book offers a unique insight into the life of the cowboy - a life style that is disappearing. Cowboys still live a rough life. The stories are fascinating and often humorous. I would definitely recommend it.

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