Cowboys 'Round The Campfire

Nomination – Academy of Western Artists
Best Western Album of the Yea
r (2003)

The courageous acts, humor, and life and death in the great outdoors provide endless subject matter for songs and poems that provide relief and entertainment after a hard days work. The songs and poetry of the cowboy provide important historical documentation to this original and unique lifestyle of today’s working cowboy.

Join our celebration of these times with this original custom produced CD, Cowboy’s ‘Round the Campfire. Featuring four of America's award winning Cowboy artists including the western lyrics of wrangler Dave Stamey, songs and poetry of cowboy Larry Maurice, the humor and yodeling of Sourdough Slim and the rhymes and melodies of Les Buffham. Over 60 minutes of campfire entertainment.



What the reviewers say about the artists featured in this exclusive CD:

“Dave Stamey has cranked out four albums now, and they’re all good ones. If you haven’t discovered him yet, it’s time you broadened your horizons…”
Cowboy Magazine

“Tall tales and cowboy lore came to life through the stories of Larry Maurice…”
Pecos Shafer, The Quarter Horse Journal

Sourdough Slim is…”One of the most outstanding artists performing today. You won’t find better authentic Country or Western music being played anywhere.”
David Barnes, Spokesman, The British Archive Of Country Music

“One of the Best poets in the West” and on his poetry, “I love ‘em.” O.J. Sikes of Rope Burn Magazine, on Les Buffham

The romance of the West comes from the hearts of its people. A celebration of the adventure of the open range, the friendships made at warm campfires and the love of the Cowboy lifestyle. While few of us live this life today, the "Spirit of the West" is captured in music, poetry and colorful storytelling through those that preserve...a time not so long ago.

If this is your first time saddlin' up to listen to this style of Americana, we hope you enjoy it. If you've ridden' this trail before? …then you already know what to do ….sit back, slack your cinch, grab a cup of Cowboy Coffee and drift with the sounds and images created here by four of the best western entertainers in the business today;
Dave Stamey, Larry Maurice, Sourdough Slim and Les Buffham.
Cowboys 'Round The Campfire - CD


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Below the Kinney Rim (Les Buffham) Co-produced with Dave Stamey
Cowboy Blessing (Les Buffham Mike Fleming) and with Vocals by Dave Stamey

Special Notes:
A special "thanks" to Larry Maurice for his constant support and enthusiasm. His passion for the West is an inspiration; to Packy Smith, my "editor;" and of course, Les Buffham, Sourdough Slim, Dave Stamey and Larry for their music…and my family, for their ongoing support and love.

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